Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guardian Angels

I don't usually go in big for angel talk. I mean, I believe God is watching over us but I also know that bad things and accidents happen.

Yesterday though, the guardian angels were working overtime at my house. Well, we had three "incidents' which could have been much worse.

First, the 3yo was in the kitchen and I thought (key word) he was trying to get himself a spoon. Nope. He was trying to get something from the counter. (I have no idea what he was going after.) Instead he knocked my glass onto the tile floor sending shards of glass all over the place. I yelled stay there and went running, hoping to get him down safely without ending up with glass in his feet. Nope he jumped down and managed to stay unharmed.

I managed to get that all cleaned up with no injuries. :)

A couple of hours later, *N* (8) was climbing on the same counter to get a plate down. *C* (10) was closing a lower cabinet just as *N* hopped down..and *N* landed on the cabinet door, straddling it. He was hurting but managed to avoid contact with sensitive areas, if you get my meaning. H spent some time with ice and I'm sure he's got quite a bruise, but it doesn't appear that any permanent damage was done.

And then...the piece de resistance...the 4 older kids were waiting in the car for the Husband to drive them to VBS. He was getting ready. I heard a noise that made me go running. 3yo had taken the doorknob covers off the front door and taken off full speed toward the busy (4 lane road). I have not run that fast in a very long time and never while 38 + weeks pregnant. I caught him when he tripped on the sidewalk. I have never EVER been so frightened in all my life.

One of the boys came sprinting down the driveway and the Husband was running after us as I caught him. I cried for at least 5 minutes and had nightmares about it. He still had some distance to go before he got to the road and we finally figured out this morning where he was headed. He heard Vacation Bible School and thought his brothers were at the bus stop. That's where he was wait for the school bus.

So you see, I said many prayers of thanksgiving yesterday that my children were safe through an abnormally accident-filled day. I keep a pretty good eye on them and I think we're pretty safety conscious but sometimes stuff happens. It's a good thing that I've got amazing back-up for those times when things happen, whether it be God Himself or guardian angels... (I like to imagine my mom is hanging out keeping watch. :) ) Because, as much as we tell the boys we have eyes on the backs of our heads...

Praying you have a wonderfully safe, uneventful and joyous day...



  1. I am glad everyone is safe! Angels were on the job!

  2. Wow, what a day you had! I hope today the angels granted you some peace. ;)

  3. The escaping out the front door and running full speed sounds like my Little Ballerina. She was the master at removing the doorknob protectors and taking off. Scary, scary, scary! SO glad the angels were watching over all of you!