Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Give Me Your Eyes...

Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath

I love this song. It's about seeing life with God's eyes, recognizing and even feeling other people's pain and experience...for just one second, and loving them.

I think that even just one second...of caring deeply for, loving, people whether we know them or not could be eye-opening and overwhelming.

Be careful what you wish for....

Sometimes I see people struggling, or in pain and I don't know them and I don't even know how to reach out. It's hard enough to reach out to people I do know sometimes, because I'm afraid to pry or seem like I'm trying to insinuate myself into their life. The reality is, that I do honestly care.

I think that's one of the reasons I loved the idea of journalism in college. I'm genuinely interested in people and their stories. The problem became I didn't want to just write about it and spread the news. That felt hollow and self-serving. Instead of broadcasting the pain and the loss, I wanted to find a way to fix it. I just didn't know how and finding a way...felt too overwhelming.

I admire people who don't shy away from that challenge and jump into the mix. It's too easy for me to find excuses of why I can't jump in and get my hands dirty. But I can follow up and ask people how they're doing if I know what's going on. I can offer a smile or a kind word.

I can pray.

Sometimes witnessing other people's stuff is painful. Sometimes I carry it around and worry about it, whether I know for sure it's worry-worthy. But, I'd rather have an open and tender heart for others and feel a little of their pain than walk through life insulated and with blinders on.

God doesn't expect us to do something on our own. Sometimes He expects us to be His hands and feet to others. Sometimes God expects us to be the physical shoulder. Either way, He props us all up. Whether we're in there getting our hands dirty (because that's where our gifts lie) or listening, praying, fund-raising, donating or spreading the word (other gifts) ...we're doing it because that's a way of acting.

So give me your eyes and arms and heart Lord, and then give me the strength and ability and compassion to act as I am called.


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