Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Small Things.

I looked at the kitchen floor, I saw spots. 

I looked at the pantry and realized I was out of pasta, the refrigerator had only a small cube of mozzarella.

The bathroom, well, there are 5 boy-children living here.

Little chores.  Little things.  They add up and can make me feel overwhelmed and a little "put upon". I sigh.  I grumble.  I grind my teeth.  I resent the little chores I need to do and I joke about the Cleaning fairy never showing up. 

This afternoon, I had a shift of perspective.  I realized I was not being faithful in the small things in my life and yet, in doing the small things I am serving a much greater purpose. 


That can be seen as a dirty word.  How many times have I thought (or said), "I am not your servant." to one of my kids?  I'm not their servant, really.  But sometimes, I get wrapped up in myself enough to forget that it is in doing these tasks and chores that I am being faithful in the small things, and that even the smallest tasks done with a joyful, loving heart are pleasing to God and that big, fancy tasks done with a bitter spirit are unpleasing to Him too.

Small things aren't just household tasks.  It could be the spirit in which we hold open a door or let someone merge into traffic in front of us.  If we do it grudgingly instead of joyfully, I think we miss out on something.  Let me make that clear.  We. Miss. Out. On. Something. 

In Luke 16:10, Jesus says, "Whoever can be trusted with very little, can also be trusted with much."  This does not mean that we should do things to receive more stuff, more blessings.  Instead perhaps we can look at it like this, when we are faithful in the small things we are open and responsible to handle the bigger things.  I also find that when my heart is right about the small things in life, I can better respond to the bigger things in life, good and bad.  The converse is true as well.  When my heart is bitter about the small things, I cannot see the bigger, better picture.  My bitterness over the little things can blur the beautiful and bountiful things all around me. 

I don't think we should sweat the small stuff.  I do believe we need to see the value in the small stuff.  Babies are little and they are the future.  Diamonds are little (mostly ;) ) and they're a girl's best friend.  Punctuation marks are little and just think about how much they can change meaning of a sentence.  With faith as small as a mustard seed, (Luke 17:6), you could order a tree to uproot itself and it would. 

I am going to re-up my efforts to be more faithful in the small things and to appreciate the small things more too.  I'm also working to grow in my faith.  I think that's an area that can always be nurtured to grow.

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