Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Am a Woman


I spent two days at a Women of Faith  event hearing the stories of amazing speakers, sharing the Love of God.  Getting take away words of wisdom from Luci Swindoll, " Don't miss life by waiting for it to change", This is your gift, it's called your life."  From Lisa Harper, " Lean into God like a pile of warm laundry."  Angie Smith, "In the storm, focus on the man who says he is the son of God."  Natalie Grant quoted Max Lucado, " You are not and accident."  She said, "You are a princess."  Nicole Johnson,"God will take our tragedies and if we give him the pieces He will make them something more beautiful than we ca imagine." and Sheila Walsh,"The shepherd knows where to find you.  It's his job to get you all the way home."

I laughed so hard that tears streamed down my face and my stomach ached.  It was good.  I heard stories of such pain and injustice that I bit my lip and one of my friends passed tissues down the aisle.  There was singing and dancing and a little bit of coveting (Please forgive us)...there were some sweet boots on that platform and there was one dress that I am thinking would be very cute in my closet. ;) 

We were ladies together.  8,000+ women; lots of ages and stages and denominations and phases of faith life and of chronological age.  We shared the common experience of being women and there is something about that club, about the expectations and understanding and experiences of being a  woman in this world, that gave us a bond. 

Which is why...

I adore my girlfriends.  I love what we can share and how we can support and nurture one another.  I love that they can challenge me and encourage me and yes, even give me a firm shove when I cannot get out of my own way.  (I might screech, but sometimes I need a little push to jump off the diving board instead of gazing longingly at the water.)  I love the women I was privileged to share this experience with; to chat and process and grow with. 

As I frequently say, "I love my ladies."  I mean all of my girlfriends, all the ladies I share those XX chromosomes with.  You are all amazing, unique women and I think you're awesome.  We don't have to agree on everything or much of anything, as long as we can agree to just accept each other where we are, it's all good in my eyes. 

I love my ladies.  I love that in a room of 8,000 strangers we all were women united in laughter and tears.  I love that I have opportunities to learn and grow and be.  I love....that I am woman.  Did you hear that?  I roared. 


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