Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When the Learning Curve is Flat..Life Can Get Messy.

I consider myself to be a quick study. My learning curve is fairly steep for most things (other than calculus, but let's not go might make me cry.)

So why OH WHY will I not learn that the 2 yo is a wiggling worm and writhes all over when his diaper is being changed..especially when it is particularly...well...messy and change him somewhere other than a place where it could cause a big ol' ugly mess?

Tonight will be the 1,263rd time (OK, I'm exaggerating, but only a little bit) that I have placed him on my nice white duvet on my nice clean bed to change his unmentionable diaper...only to have him wriggle and slither and get away..managing to sully the duvet, the sheets and my beautiful new (washable, thank goodness) merino wool sweater. The sweater was sort of my fault, I was lunging across the bed to try to contain the wild child. (yuck. I know.) The saving grace..the pillows were spared. :-). But now, I will be waiting until the duvet is dry to head to dreamland.

From past experience, I will be wiser the next time or 10 and change him on a blanket on the floor and he will be relatively calm and I will be lulled into a false sense of security and go back to changing diapers on my bed will start again...or he will learn to use the potty and then instead of changing the dipes, I will just add him to the list of children that are responsible for missing the toilet.

I guess that is part of being a mom. It's the messiest job I'll ever love. And, because I cannot seem to learn my lesson about where (and where not) to change a diaper, it might remind me to be patient if my kids repeat mistakes too.


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