Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have loved mysteries since I could read.

When I was young, it was The Boxcar Children, Trixie Belden and of course, Nancy Drew. As I got older, my love of a good (or at least engaging) mystery did not fade. I still gravitate toward mysteries and especially enjoy reading series because it's so nice to get to "know" the heroine. Yes, heroine. I tend to prefer female sleuths and I'm more a fan of the cozy than the gory, forensic mystery. My imagination is vivid enough, I really don't care to read about murder/death/injury in graphic detail. So, just give me a nice clean crime to solve, thank you very much. (In other words, hold the maggots and graphic descriptions of wounded flesh.)

Because that is what draws me in..trying to figure it all out. So when an author leaves out clues key to solving it myself, I feel like they cheated. It's like they didn't bother to create a cohesive plot and plan. I mean, if they're not going to give me all the pieces of the puzzle, what kind of game are we playing? I guess I fancy myself an armchair sleuth. :) (I wanted to be Nancy, and I do have superb observation and deduction skills...really.)

Life is full of mysteries. Some are puzzles to solve based on clues. Others are less concrete and often, more troubling. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do some people seem to face more struggles while others seem to float through life? And of course..where is God in this?
My superb observation techniques do not provide the answers to these questions...but the Bible does. Sometimes I can remember where I need to look, sometimes I open randomly and find the verse or story I *need* and sometimes another person, a disciple if you will, directs me.

When I want to solve a mystery and exercise my brain, I settle in with a good mystery. When I'm faced with a mystery in my life, I turn to The Bible.


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  1. I love mysteries. You're right the scriptures hold the answers.